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Wantok doesn’t offer only adventures with fixed departure dates. We have fully-developed itineraries for trips we’ve run before.  Read on to check out the full world of Wantok rivers!


Subansiri River

NE India

Challenging whitewater, mountainous rainforest, remote villages

Class IV+

Another great river is being dammed.  The Subansire, or “Gold River”, is the biggest tributary of the Upper Brahmaputra. The river has no road following it on either side of the Himalayas for almost 150 kms. Very difficult terrain with vertical rock faces and only spare habitation along the river has kept and continues to keep the upper reaches of this challenging river isolated.  This is a demanding, high volume, fast-flowing, and adrenaline-pumping river set in a scenic breathtaking environment. Lower down, Friendly hill people with their unique traditions and customs developed over a millennium await with trepidation the inevitable changes rapidly encroaching upon them. There is precious little time left to savor this blessing of nature and enjoy a unique wilderness experience.

Two week trips in November-December until dammed.

Rufiji River
Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania
River Rafting, Wilderness Walks & Adventure Unlimited…
Class II
Would you like to get face-to-face with African wildlife, observing the best of big game without the background buzz of zebra-striped vans? Then raft and walk with us into the heart of Tanzania’s legendary Selous Game Reserve, the largest and perhaps wildest wildlife sanctuary in Africa. The Selous’ more than 18,000 square miles is home to vast numbers of wildlife, including the continent’s largest remaining elephant population. It has sparse and little used network of tracks, with tourism development kept to a minimum. It is Africa as Livingstone saw it!
By request only throughout the year

Cotahuasi River – Peru
Challenging whitewater and pre-Incan ruins in a desert canyon
Class V
Take a ride on the wild side in the desert canyons of Peru on the Rio Cotahuasi, a gem on a river set deep in a canyon that has been home to civilizations since well before the Incas.  This is not for the faint of heart. It’s a solid Class V thriller, with tight bends and steep drops and without much rest for its first 50 miles.  Camp amidst ancient ruins, scan the sky for condors, and soak in the amazing canyon scenery.  If you are looking for a whitewater challenge, you’ve found it!
10 day trips in June

Wantok guides have been running rivers everywhere in the world for 40 years. There are many
fabulous rivers that have been explored then forgotten over time, or that are now being run by local
rafting operators but not always available in the US market. We can organize any of these for even the smallest group. Send us an email if one of these ignites the adventurer in you and we’ll get back to you with an outlined itinerary and estimated cost to put it together.
  • Zambezi River, Zambia/Zimbabwe, 10 days, July-December
  • Kunene River, Namibia/Angola, 10 days, most of the year
  • Malagarasi (exploratory), Tanzania, 14 days, May-June & December
  • Rivers of Kenya, several options, 4-15 days, year-round
  • Yarkand River, Xinjiang, China, 14 days, August-October
  • Great Bend Yangtze, China, 14 days, winter if not yet dammed!
  • Upper Yangtze, Tibet, 10 days, easy rafting, August-September
  • Ganges/Bhagarathi/Alaknanda, India, 4-10 days, fall-winter
  • Brahmaputra, NE India, 10 days, November-January
  • Several other Indian Rivers, 7-10 days, June-January
  • Rivers of Indonesia, many options, 1-15 days, most of the year
  • Karnali, Nepal, 10 days, September-May (many other Nepal rivers available)
  • Coruh/Rioni, Turkey & Georgia, 10 days, June
  • Rivers of Scandinavia (various), 5-12 days, summer
  • Many rivers in Russia, 10-15 days, summer
  • Watut, Papua New Guinea, 10 days, spring and fall
  • Franklin, Tasmania, Australia, 10 days, October-April
  • Queensland Rivers, 1-15 days, March-June
  • Rivers of NZ (various), 5-10 days, winter
  • Upano, Ecuador, 10 days, August-February
  • Rivers of Ecuador, many, 5-15 days, winter
  • Tambopata, Peru, 10 days, August-September
  • Apurimac, Peru, 4-8 days, June-November
  • Futaleufu, Chile, 5+ days, winter
  • Rivers of Chile & Argentina, various, 5-10 days, winter
  • Mayan Rivers, Guatemala, various, 5-10 days, April-November
  • Usumacinta, Guatemala/Mexico, 10 days, winter
  • Jatate, Mexico, 10 days, January-March
  • Tuichi, Bolivia, 14 days, year-round
  • Copper, Alaska, 8 days, June-August
  • Firth, Canada, 12 days, June-July
  • Owyhee, US, 10 days, April-June
  • Rivers of BC, various, 5-10 days, summer